History of ‘Het Zeeuwse Licht’

The source of inspiration

At the beginning of the 20th century Domburg became a colony for painters including many famous names such as Jan Toorop, Piet Mondriaan and  Jacoba van Heemskerck.  The most painters stayed during the summer months and because of this, Domburg became known as one of the most important painter’s towns in Holland.

Jan Toorop is thought to have been the first known painter to discover the extraordinary fall of light on the coast of Domburg when he first visited the town in 1898.  He was rapturous over the colours, clear skies and the sun’s reflection on the water.  He is supposed to have said the following – “you become intoxicated, the peace you feel inside is indescribable and yet this is disrupted by the incredible colours surrounding you”.  It didn’t take long before other painters followed and this group then even went on to build their own exhibition space opposite the famous bath pavilion in 1912.  After 10 years of successfully showing their works this space had to unfortunately be taken down in 1922 due to disrepair from heavy weather conditions.

Even today, well-known painters find inspiration in Domburg for their creations thanks to the wonderful ‘Zeeuwse licht’.